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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And The Battle Goes On

"Eagles are protected 100%. They are protected in every way." - a wildlife rescue worker
That statement was made recently by a visitor during an event where I work. In comparison to the treatment of the unborn, it is ridiculous; animals are more protected than human beings. A law makes it illegal for a person to keep/take a feather from an Eagle, even if it be found on the ground, yet another law makes it allowable for a mother to murder the life of her unborn child. Eagles are beautiful creatures created by God, but they were not created in His Image and Likeness as humans were. It is logical to protect human life, but unfortunately, logic and common sense seem to have vanished from much of society today. I wonder how many government officials realize that they put more effort into saving a bird than they do the lives of the next generation.
Along similar lines, I am ready to go back to college and counsel in front of a certain abortion clinic on the weekend. It is quite ironic that this abortion clinic is literally down the street from the White House. While the President is in his home, unborn children are murdered nearby. I find that unsettling, and I do not even live near a clinic. While I am ready to go back to counseling those who come to the clinic, in a way, I wish it wasn't necessary. The unborn should be protected. For those that believe life begins at birth, it should make sense to them to protect the potential life in the womb. Pro-life sidewalk counselors are essentially trying to prevent a person from taking the life of another. In other words, trying to prevent a murder while at the same time maintaining a sense of understanding regarding the person's situation. It is a great joy when someone decides not to have an abortion, but to know that the person is definitely going to have the abortion or not knowing which decision has been made is a distress. In any case, prayers must be offered for the abortionists, those who come to the clinics, and those actively involved in the pro-life movement.
Our Lady, Queen on Christendom, Pray for us!

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Today marks the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was This Heart that loved the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and all mankind. It was This Heart that agreed to do the Father’s Will, thereby suffering a horrible death on the Cross. It was This Heart that became pierced by a lance, issuing forth a stream of Blood and Water. And it is This Heart that loves mankind and wishes to draw it to Our Lord, God, Creator of the Universe.

A phrase regarding the Sacred Heart that I have become familiar with is: “Jesus, Heart of Love, I love You!” I believe that the section “heart of love”, in reference to the Heart of Christ, has a two-fold meaning. The phrase may be read to mean that the Heart of Christ is full of love – love of the Father and man. In Christ there is the most perfect love, a love far greater than any person may give or receive from another human being. God freely created and loves us, even though we can never fully give Him as much love as He gives us. Secondly, the section may refer to the Heart of Jesus as the center of all love. The word “heart” has for a meaning, “center; innermost being,” therefore it is possible to ascribe such a meaning to the section of the phrase. It has already been stated that the Love of Christ is the most perfect form of love. The example we have to illustrate this point is the Crucifixion. Upon dying on the Cross Christ opened the gates of Heaven and the way of salvation to all – not a select or certain few. This great act was done out of love; it is The greatest act of love. It is for all mankind and goes out to all mankind. It is a centerfold act. How can man love one another if he does not even love his Lord Who created him and died for him? Through looking and meditating upon the Love of Christ reflected in His Most Sacred Heart man may imitate “That Love Divine Which spread Its Arms upon the Cross to take us in.”

“Jesus Meek and Humble of Hearts, make my heart like unto Thine!”

Friday, December 30, 2005

The Worth of Fiction

I have heard it argued that it is far better and more worthwhile to read non-fiction than fiction; that fiction is a waste of time. Such a statement cannot be true. Non-fiction deals with persons, places, and events of today and long ago, things which truly happened and are quite real. It gives one an account of important things worth remembering because of their significance at the time they occured, and the significance and influence they have on later persons, places, and events. It does not, however, follow that because non-fiction holds such important information, it is thus better than fiction. Fiction, though it serves a different function, is still important.

Fiction deals with elves and hobbits, families and enemies, wars and peace - in short, it deals with both things that exist and things purely of the imagination. While it deals with things that do indeed exist, such as families, friends, wars, etcetera, it represents them in a different manner than non-fiction. It is possible that a staunch Scottish Catholic named MacIan could come into a conflict with a fiery athiest named Turnbull, as occurs in G. K. Chesterton's The Ball and The Cross, but such an event did not occur, thus the book is fictional. Despite the fact that it does not represent a real event, the book, in the end, leaves one with the impression that Church will indeed always triumph over Satan and the World - the Cross will always triumph over the round ball that is the world. Such an impression could be drawn be from any historical event that deals with good versus evil, but the historical event does not have the same artistic beauty that fiction has. True, good fiction is a work of art, something to be enjoyed as Michaelangel's work in the Sistine Chapel is enjoyed. We enjoy the Sistine Chapel because of the beauty and order to depicts. Good fiction also depicts order and beuty, only through use of a pen and words rather than paint and a brush. Just as beauty and art appeals to man, so does fiction - Our Lord Himself taught through use of parables. Just as the parables hold something to be learned, we can gain from reading a work of fiction.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Cure of Ars

August fourth markes the feat of the Cure of Ars - Saint John Vianney. During his life, he witnessed the results the French Revolution had on the Catholicism of France; both during and after the Revolution. Since the Revolution martyred many priests, a shortage of priests resulted, along with a weakening in the Faith of the people. In modern times, we have a shortage of priests due to a different sort of revolution - a spiritual one. The present revolution is between good and evil; Satan and the devils revolting against God through influencing society and man. During and after the French Revolution, the people abandoned or ignored all or part of their Faith. In the present day, many children do not adequately learn their Faith, and many adults are themselves ignorant of the Faith or simply do not adhere to its teachings. Under such circumstances, young men cannot answer the call to the priesthood if they are not discerning God's Will for them to begin with.
Through the practice of fasting, prayer, making use of the sacraments, mortification, the Blessed Sacrament and remaining steadfast to the Faith, St. John Vianney was able to make a difference in the little town of Ars. Before he arrived, he people were not zealous in their Faith, but at the time of his death, he had influenced not only Ars, but many other people, to be steadfast Catholics. The practices used by the Cure of Ars may well be ones that can change the current path and body of society and culture.

Saint John Vianney, pray for us!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lost Sheep

The relation betwen Christ and those in the Church is often compared to that of a shepard and his sheep. Within the fold and within sight of the shepard, the sheep may graze contently and in safety. If a sheep wanders off or becomes separated from the shepard, it is in danger from predators and may graze somewhere it shouldn't. Man is much like a sheep. In the Church, a person is presented with the Truth. He may study it and increase his knowledge and love of God. If a person leaves or falls from away from the Church, he becomes like a little lost sheep. He is in greater danger of falling into Satan's snares, and in greater danger of grazing where he shouldn't, that is, studying and accepting falsity, Communsim, Socialism, atheism, and anything contrary to Church teaching. He becomes confused and lost, frustrated and annoyed.
Man's goal is to serve God in this life in order to spend eternity with Him. If a person does not know, love, and serve God in this life, he canot join Him in Heaven, and would instead join Satan in Hell. Such an event is a total frustration, since the person has ben created to join God in Heaven, but is unable to do so because he does not wish to be in God's presence. Man may experience such frustration in this life, if he distances himself from the Church and God. In essence, he experiences the results of being a little lost sheep.
The Church preaches and teaches the Truth. Within the Church a person may come to know, love, and serve God, believing and trusting in Him, as a sheep does its shepard. "The Truth alone sets one free."

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tasks and Chores

Of all the tasks and chores a person must complete, housework is one of the most loathed tasks there is. However, if one keeps in mind one simple little fact, housework no longer seems such a formidable task. The one simple little fact is that the Blessed Mother herself not only did housework, but did it without complaint. Nor did she have any of the modern conveniences that we now have. She completed tasks which have been completely eliminated by modern technology, such as drawing well water. Even washing dishes by hand is now much easier than during the time in which Our Lady lived. Keeping such facts in mind, a person should look upon housework not with a frown, but with a smile, knowing that they are doing something which Our Lady herself once did.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

It is a common misconception that the sword, or any form of violence, may solve problems, or that the sword may be used to end a dispute. The sword is only mighty in that it destroys, maims, kills, and incites fear. It is in such a manner that the sword manages to solve problems and disputes; only after causing death and destruction. There is one weapon whose strength and power is far greater than that of the sword - that of a pen. Through use of the pen, Hitler wrote speeches and his Mein Kemp, thus was able to spread his ideas and words; through the pen Communists were able to distribute their ideas and plans; Popes, saints, and apologists were able to conquer and destroy heresy through use of the pen; modern day media spread lies and falsity through use of the pen. So much was accomplished, and still is, though the use of the pen. The pen holds such strong power because the words written may produce an effect or influence a person to a great extent. A person in the state of confusion and without knowledge of Truth may read the works of Communist leaders, long after the writers themselves have become deceased, and not only embrace Communism, but become a Communist leader themselves. A person may read the works of a great saint or person near sainthood, and become inspired not just to do good and follow the example laid for them, but to correct the errors in the world in the name of Christ and possibly become a saint themselves. So many results may stem from the works written by a pen. No sword has ever or could possibly produce the same effects. Truth may be spread and promoted, lies and chaos conquered, all through a few simple strokes of a pen.